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The Perfumery

We are a niche artisanal perfumery creating exclusive aromatic products. Our unique products are hand-made the traditional way; using only the olfactory sense.

That means each scent that we design goes through a creative process involving careful research into specific aromas, mixing and matching until the creative balance is perfect . . . using only the nose to guide our decisions.

We are one of about 250 artisan perfumers in the world — for perspective, there are more astronauts than perfumers!

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What do we use to make your perfume?

We use only IFRA (The International Fragrance Association approved aroma essences, a mixture of imported and Australian essential oils and finally absolutes (similar to essential oils with the difference being extraction via a solvent, E.g. ethanol). The fragrance is then completed with perfumers alcohol or a carrier oil.


Why Aroma Essences?

There are some ingredients that just cannot be extracted or used in its pure form as it is forbidden by law (animal origin) or is extremely expensive (rare flowers) to produce in its natural form. In the past, oils of animal origin were extracted using inhumane methods, but because of their importance in perfume making, we are now able to derive these aromas easily using man-made methods; making it user-friendly for environmentalists and animal lovers. Similarly, because some raw ingredients are very expensive to extract from nature, man-made compounds allow us to create individual scents at affordable prices.


Anyone who has smelt a rose flower would probably have his/her own description of the smell. To the chemist/perfumer it is more than just a rose! Analysis of the chemical composition of a rose reveals to us that its main components are citronellol, geraniol and nerol. It’s these components that can be extracted from most flowers or carefully synthesised in a laboratory which we collectively call aroma essences.

About Us: About Us
About your Parfumer

Petra Lee

Petra is of German/Malaysian descent. Her cultural backgrounds make for a creative and interesting mindset. Although by education an Animal Scientist, her early career started as a consultant for one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world.

While internationally qualified and professionally trained in perfume  technology, Petra is also a qualified in aromatheraphy and incorporates this healing treatment to produce Functional Perfumes.


Her life experiences have involved teaching culinary classes, producing bespoke hand-painted ceramic wares for corporate clients, owning a restaurant and also coffee consultancy.

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