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Mystic Rain
  • Mystic Rain

    Mystic Rain is about the time when the River Nile was covered in assorted blooms, date palms, grasses and where gazelles, camels and ibises came to water. It would be an afternoon when the light rain falls on the plains with the sunshine creating rainbow raindrops. As the humidity rises, the smell of assorted flowers growing along the river bank would be oozing perfumes triggered by the light rain. These are floral aromas mingled with smells from the earth, trees and wildlife. This is what I want to capture - the mystique of Egypt when it draws its strength from the life-giving force of heavenly waters.


    This scent is about being strong and mystical; evoking the picture of walking a garden and drawing strength from the aromas of its inhabitants.


    Top notes: Petrichor (an earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil), Fresh air, Fruits, Musk melon,
    Midddle notes: Pink lotus absolute, White tiare, Egyptian geranium, Palm date flower, 
    Base notes: Oud/Agarwood, Vanilla, Musk, Milk thistle flower, Vanilla 


      Parfum Information


      Made by Tu Solus Australia


      Unisex Eau De Parfum 30mL e


      This product is handmade in Mount Martha, Australia using both local and imported ingredients, including Australian natives, and absolutes.


      Please note that shipping restrictions requires this product to be blended with an oil instead of alcohol. This does not change the perfume smell and the perfume will come out of the nozzle as a thin stream rather than a spray.


      Ingredients: alcohol; fragrances (Parfum); water (aqua); benzyl acetate; hedione, jasmine, rose geranium, Egyptian geranium; pink lotus absolute 3%; ethyl linalool; habanolide; agarwood; cypriol oil; cinnamon bark oil; nutmeg oil; geranoil; Tu Solus® Rain fragrance. 

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