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  • Blackwood

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    This perfume is inspired by the Blackwood Forest recreational Park in South Australia. The majestic Blackwood trees (Acacia Melanoxylon) are anywhere between 10-40 meters tall. The wonderful smoky moist smell of these beautiful trees combined with cedar, wattle, moss, eucalyptus and 23 total different aromas completes this spellbinding perfume. Blackwood was created in the spirit of evoking the inner adventurer in you.


    Top notes: Bergamot calabria, Fresh ozone , Bali wheat, Galbanum

    Middel notes: Lemon ironbark, Wattle, Nerolina, Tagetes (Marigold)

    Base notes: Animalic, Tar and Smoke, Guaiac wood, Australian white cypress


      Parfum Information


      Made by Tu Solus Australia


      Eau De Parfum 50mL e


      This product is handmade in Mount Martha, Australia using both local and imported ingredients, including Australian Natives, and absolutes.


      Please note that shipping restrictions requires this product to be blended with an oil instead of alcohol. This does not change the perfume smell and the perfume will come out of the nozzle as a thin stream rather than a spray.


      Ingredients: Alcohol; Fragrance (Parfum); Water (Aqua); may contain traces of Hydroxycitronellal; Ethyl Linalool; Ambergris; Coumarin (Musk)

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