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  • Amoureuse

    Amoureuse captures the essence of ‘contentment’ in love. 


    The inspiration comes from the passion and freedom one feels when holidaying on a tropical island. The sea breeze and warmth of the sun always makes one feel sexier and more beautiful! This fragrance captures the contentment of walking in shallow waters, surrounded by friendly colourful fishes and hearing the melodious chatter of birds. Visualise gentle winds bringing smells of frangipani, wild orchids, ginger flower and other tropical flowers ... mingled with sweet fruits and aromatic herbs like: banana, pineapple, kaffir lime, cinnamon, coriander, lemongrass.


    Top notes: Ginger, Honey, Tangerine, Mandarin

    Middle notes: Frangipani, Orchid, Campaca flower

    Base notes: Seaweed/Marine, Civet, Agarwood, Tolu balsam 


      Parfum Information


      Made by Tu Solus Australia


      Unisex Eau De Parfum 30mL e


      This product is handmade in Mount Martha, Australia using both local and imported ingredients, including Australian natives, and absolutes.


      Please note that shipping restrictions requires this product to be blended with an oil instead of alcohol. This does not change the perfume smell and the perfume will come out of the nozzle as a thin stream rather than a spray.


      Ingredients: alcohol; fragrances (Parfum); water (aqua); jasmine; civet; ylang ylang; clove leaf oil; lemongrass guatemalan; carnation; frangipani; orchid; champaca flower; agarwood.

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